Need an Umpire or Scorer?

Are you looking for an umpire or scorer for an upcoming fixture? Or perhaps a regular official for several weeks, or an entire season? You can use the form below to write an advertisement, which we will publish here on our website and on social media.

Please read the following before continuing:

  1. Please submit this form at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your match, or the first match in a series of matches or season. The earlier you request an official, the greater the chances of finding one!
  2. Any arrangement made between official(s) (i.e., umpires and scorers) and the club, league, or other appointer is made directly between them. Middlesex ACO cannot and does not accept responsibility for the qualifications or conduct of any official(s) appointed our publicity services.
  3. Accordingly, it is entirely the responsibility of the appointer to confirm the identity of the official(s) and to ensure that the official(s) have current ACO membership and DBS certificate(s), prior to their appointment, as well as satisfying any other conditions according to your club and league regulations.
  4. Please ensure you communicate with officials seeking appointment, that they are informed and satisfied with any club or league arrangements, including but not limited to the payment and method of payment of any expenses, facilities, communication, venues, transportation agreements, and cancellation agreements.
  5. If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact the official directly according to how you have agreed. We are unable to contact appointed officials on your behalf.
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After you click “Submit” you’ll receive an automated e-mail to confirm your form submission, and another e-mail from our Publicity Officer when your advertisement is online. If you need to make an edit to a previous advertisement, or remove it altogether, please contact us the Publicity Officer on