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MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 Code – Now with 2019 updates!

One of MCC’s most important roles, which it has carried out since the Club’s formation in 1787, is its custodianship of the Laws of Cricket.

Although the International Cricket Council is the global Governing Body for cricket, it still relies on MCC to write and interpret the Laws of Cricket, which are applicable from the village green to the Test arena.

MCC’s Laws sub-committee are responsible for the debating, decision making and drafting of the Laws, which are – in turn – passed by MCC’s Main Committee, retaining a robust and measured decision-making process.

Certain levels of cricket are subject to playing regulations, which may create subtle differences to the Laws themselves. This is most high profile at international level, where the ICC applies playing conditions which can cause some confusion at lower levels of the game.

On 1st October 2017, the Laws of Cricket 2017 came into effect. Click here to view the full set of Laws.

Summary of Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

The MCC has issued a summary document outlining all of the changes to the Laws of Cricket that came into effect around the world on 1st October 2017. Click here to view a summary of the changes. Please note that this does not include further changes in the 2019 Laws, however, it includes a good summary of important changes in 2017, including the introduction of Law 42 (Player’s Conduct) sanctions.

MCC Laws of Cricket e-Learning

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The MCC has released a new state-of-the-art eLearning programme to assist with learning the Laws of Cricket. The Laws eLearning programme will guide everyone from the cricketing newcomer to the experienced umpire through all 42 Laws, with tips from the ICC’s Elite Umpires and footage from club, first-classand international cricket to illustrate the more complex points.

To begin, follow the instructions at: https://laws.lords.org/login/index.php

MCC Spirit of Cricket

The Middlesex Cricket Officials Committee endorses the MCC Spirit of Cricket. Whilst we actively encourage cricket to be played in a hard but fair manner, we do expect the Spirit of Cricket to be adopted.