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Expenses guidelines for requesting an official

We are receiving a very high number of requests this year for cricket officials, both umpires and scorers.

We are also aware that the cost of officiating in Middlesex has risen sharply in recent years. Virtually all clubs and competitions in the county have responded by increasing their expenses offered.

Expenses offered tend to be higher or lower based on the length of the match, the accessibility of the venue, and the competitiveness of the league or fixture. For example, a local T20 may pay as little as £25 for a fixture, while we have seen advertisements for as high as £100 for a full day’s worth of several matches at a remote school.

In reflection of this, we offer the following guidelines for expenses per match based on what is commonly advertised on our website:


Lower end: £25
Recommended: £45
Upper end: £80


Lower end: £20
Recommended: £35
Upper end: £50

Season Averages

The real average of umpire advertisements published here in 2022 was £51.15.
The real average of scorer advertisements published here in 2022 was £40.00.

Panel Rates

MCCL Panel Rate (ECB Premier League in Middlesex): £50
MPCL Panel Rate (Sunday league): £50, or £70 for both ends

These are general guidelines, not rules — you can offer as much or as little as you think just; for some charity fixtures or “friendlies” you may not wish to offer expenses at all. Most (if not all) cricket officials serve out of love for the game and not in the hope of significant reimbursement. But we hope this may be useful in what is generally considered “normal” within the county at present.