Middlesex Regulations

Regulations, rules, and playing conditions for Middlesex competitions may be found below.

Official Middlesex competitions also comply with the ECB Non First Class regulations, a selection of which is available here.

Middlesex County Cricket League

The MCCL is the ECB Premier League in Middlesex.

Other Adult / Open Age Leagues

Middlesex Cup

Middlesex Vitality Club T20 (Adult / Open Age Cricket)

Middlesex Vitality Club T20 regulations are to be used with the generic Vitality Club T20 regulations from the ECB.

Middlesex Premier League (Sundays)

Chess Valley Cricket League (Sundays)

West London Whack (Weekday 20/20)

Coming soon

Women’s Leagues

Will be updated to 2023 if needed.

Middlesex T20 U17 and U19 Competitions