Umpire Courses 2021/22

Last updated: 14 April 2021

Coronavirus – impact on courses

The courses normally run by the Middlesex ACO are suspended pending the outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the ECB ACO has created two free online courses for aspiring umpires. The courses are a great way for people to use during the current downtime and learn a new skill or brush up on their knowledge.

Additionally, anyone who has attended Stage One can apply for the Stage Two Online course (details further below).

Clearly, as lockdown restrictions are lifted as we travel along the roadmap to normality, the situation may change and updates will be posted here from time to time. Our hope is that once lockdown restrictions are lifted at Step 4 (not before 21 June 2021) we will be able to announce the dates of our full face-to-face courses.

Basics of Umpiring
This course is aimed at umpires who simply want to learn the fundamental laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. Book now, here.

Umpire Stage One Online
This course is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws of the game as well as providing information on how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. This course is an ideal introduction for new club umpires, a refresher for existing umpires and the first step for those who aspire to umpire at higher levels. Associate membership for 2021 of the ECB ACO is included. Book now, here. When you have completed the course please keep in touch by dropping an email to Ned Wilsher, County Education Officer who will be keep you informed of any further courses and advise how you can develop to become an accredited umpire.

Umpire Stage Two Online
This course is designed to give you further knowledge and skills sufficient to enable you to become a member of a league panel and is available to anyone who has attended the Stage One. It will complement that course by looking beyond the basic laws, build on field craft and match management techniques and introduce the concept of working, as a team, with a colleague.

To book this course you must apply by email to Ned Wilsher, County Education Officer.

Stay safe

Middlesex Continuing Professional Development

Middlesex ACO members are invited to attend periodic CPD webinars. These webinars are recorded and are available here:

Further resources

The ECB ACO has a number of CPD videos available:

More materials can be found as prepared and kindly shared by South Central Region ACO.

Even more materials can be found as prepared and kindly shared by Lancashire ACO.