Please don’t contact us via e-mail to request an umpire or scorer for your upcoming match(es); there is a separate form for this here.

If you would like to give feedback on the website, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, or other publicity outlets, please click here for our online feedback form.

For all other inquiries, please contact the relevant member of the committee (addresses below). If you’re not sure, please contact the Secretary and it will be forwarded to the relevant contact.

Middlesex ACO Committee Contacts

Chair: Paul Nicholls

Secretary: Bob Pedersen
07710 450579

Membership Secretary: Paul Smith
07970 887190

County Scorers Officer: Paul Stubbs
07734 415546

Performance Officer: Frank Davis
07599 709080

Development Officer: John Clouting
07767 337307

Women Umpires Development Officer: Tushar Agarwal

Appointments Officer: Keir Hopley

Education Officer: Ned Wilsher

Youth Officer: Vinoj Srinivasan

Publicity Officer / Webmaster: Edmund Dean