2017 Code Laws of Cricket - Middlesex ACO Resources

In October 2017, the MCC released one of the most comprehensive updates to the Laws of Cricket ever. Middlesex ACO, in association with Ealing and District Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers, have produced an extensive resource section within the website to assist with learning the new Laws.

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NEW - Facility for Middlesex clubs to advertise for umpires and scorers

We are delighted to announce a brand new facility that will allow clubs in Middlesex to advertise opportunities for umpires and scorers throughout the season. We hope that this will provide mutual benefit to clubs, umpires and scorers.

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North Middlesex are looking for an umpire to stand in all of their remaining 3rd XI games in Division 1 of the Middlesex Cricket League. All games will take place on Saturdays, starting at 1230pm. Some games are timed and the games towards the end of the season are limited overs..

They are a friendly club and pride themselves in the way in which they play their game.

£50 expenses will be paid and they can assist with transport to away games.

Please contact Nick Friend (07948 976314) or nichfriend@gmail.com.

Dennis Bushell

We are sad to report the death of Dennis Bushell on Wednesday 4 July. Dennis was for many years the Secretary of the Middlesex County League Umpires’ Panel and on his retirement from that position, was elected as Vice President of the League. He was also heavily involved in the old Association of Cricket Umpires (and Scorers) being for many years the Registrar. Additionally, he held all the major offices in the old Harrow Association of Cricket Umpires. On the field, Dennis umpired for many years at County second eleven level; and he also stood in the National Club Knockout final.


Dennis’s funeral will be held at Breakspear Crematorium, Ruislip HA4 7SJ on Thursday 26 July at 1500 hours. It will be followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at Fairfield Church, Northwood Hills HA6 1PD.